Wikipedia Has Made Its Decision: NFTs Are Not Art

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Last month, to discuss It began when the editors of the Wikipedia page devoted to the most expensive art sales by living artists wondered whether Beeple’s $69 million or NFT’s $91.8 million should be on the list.

some editors Feeling That the NFTs were icons, not the actual artwork themselves, although others disagree. In the end, five of the page’s six editors voted not to include NFTs on the list.

Wikipedia really I can not “Be on the task of deciding what counts as art or not, which is why putting NFTs, art or not, on their own list makes things simpler,” said one of the editors.

However, cryptocurrency Enthusiasts, as well as the only editor who voted otherwise, weren’t too happy with the verdict. He pointed out that the large publications of them The New York Times, had referred to Beeple as “the third best-selling artist alive” after being a huge hit selling everyday.

Wikipedia is working from precedent. If NFTs are labeled “not technical” on this page, they will be labeled “not technical” on the rest of Wikipedia,” said Duncan Cook Foster, an intern at crypto app Gemini.

Wikipedia is A universal source of truth to many around the world. The stakes couldn’t be higher! ” He said.

Actually, Foster He took it so seriously that according to artnet newsHe asked the crypto community to “come together and let the Wikipedia editors know” that NFTs should be considered art.

according to AMBCryptoAnd Griffin Cock Foster, co-founder of Nifty Gateway, agreed with his twins, saying, “This is very frustrating – Wikipedia edit tries to say that *no* NFT can be art – as in, if it is NFT, it cannot be classified as art.” “.

“Not all NFTs It’s art – it’s a flexible medium after all – but a lot of it is 100% art. Take action and spread the word! ” urge.

at the moment, The ruling still stands, though the editors agreed to reconsider the decision at a later date, as NFTs could be reclassified as technical.

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