The Joy of the Sculptor

There is one interesting thing I learned about bodybuilders: They don’t see themselves as bodybuilders, but instead, as artists, sculptors. Instead of sculpting a strange piece of clay, they sculpt their own bodies.

As photographers, we do something similar. We take embodied reality and sculpt it into our images. Photographer as a sculptor.

And also why kids love Play-Doh: They can sculpt and shape it to their liking. As adults, what is our equivalent? As adults, we no longer know how to sculpt things ourselves, we merely strive to find them and then buy them.

For example, the design of the car. Car design is basically carving. Most of the time, our cars sit in our driveways, acting as a visual anchor for our eyes. How do we choose a car design we love? The ones we see are the most beautiful sculptures.

Buying a car based on its shape

Also interior design. You spend 99% of your car inside, looking at the car’s interior dash. You don’t spend that much time outside your car looking at your car. The best car interiors seem to be Mercedes-Benz.

With sports cars, I think the best car design that looks like a sculptural piece is the Toyota Supra carbon fiber version. Black and white is the best contrast.

Yeezy sneakers like Lamborghinis for your feet

Why did the Yeezy sneaker get so popular? Because of the radically different silhouette of the Yeezy 350 design.

Even Kanye West said he aspires to be Yeezy sneakers like Lamborghinis for your feet.

This is why sneakers are so popular nowadays, because kids can no longer afford to buy cars and they no longer have an interest in cars. rather, Sneakers are just cars for your feet. Sneakers are a sculpture you happen to wear.

The most interesting fashion is the one that changes the shape of your body

For example, sunglasses are interesting because they change the shape of your face and eyes. The same goes for clothes: the most exciting types of fashion are the ones that make you look the least human.

And when it comes to fashionable people, the most amazing people to look at are the ones who need twice as much to seem unusual and a little out of place. Also, the best colors in fashion are those that are unnatural in nature. Excessive orange, excessive yellow, etc.

Our Apple Sculpture Products

For me, ergonomics is very important. For example, when I go to an Apple Store and sponsor products, I try to see if it’s OK for me. Whether the tactile response is good, and whether it is a sculptural piece, I find it beautiful.

Why do fashion photographers love their work?

Because they see their models as dynamic sculptural pieces. The best human statue.

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