ERIC KIM ONLINE Discover Your Unique Vision in Photography Workshop (Saturday Feb 12, 2022)

Dear friends, If you’re stuck at home, and craving for some new photographic inspiration and stimulation, I cordially invite you to the Discover Your Unique Vision of Photography Workshop (Saturday, February 12, 2022 from 11am-2pm PT, PT): What is the purpose of this workshop? Basic gist: This workshop focuses on discovering your unique photographic vision … Read more

The Three Best Photo Spots in Lisbon

Not only is Lisbon the capital of Portugal, its largest city, and a major tourist destination in Europe, it is also a great location for photographing cityscapes. Its mountainous profile offers beautiful views of the narrow streets and Mediterranean architecture. All over the city, you will find great places to take pictures, and in this … Read more

Target Demographic

What or who is your target demographic? You are. yourself. Other people who think like you or look like you. For example, when it comes to design, design for yourself. This means, design things in a way that you consider beautiful. Also, when it comes to matters of entrepreneurship, create products and services that you … Read more

White and Black

Design Idea: Assuming black and white photography is our passion, when it comes to design, technically anything we photograph will only be rendered in black or white. So, maybe the idea then is that when it comes to buying things in real life, assume they will appear either black or white. For example, let’s say … Read more

Via Negativa Photography

One of the best ideas I received from the philosopher Nassim Taleb was the idea of ​​”via Negativa”. That is, in order to improve things, it is better to bring up things. This is very much in line with my ideas about simplicity and photography. That is, to become a better photographer, a more focused … Read more