Hipódromo House / Marianela Sarghini + Federico Craig

Hippodrome House / Marianela Sarghini + Federico Craig © Javier Agustin Rojas +24 Participate Participate Facebook social networking site Twitter Pinterest The WhatsApp Mail or https://www.archdaily.com/975312/casa-barrio-hipodromo-marianela-sarghini-plus-federico-craig space The area of ​​this architectural project space: 161 square meters general The year of completion of this architectural project general: 2021 Principal Architects: Marianela Sargeni, Federico Craig © … Read more

Banksy Masterfully Snuck A Stable Into A Toy Village; Now It Could Reap Millions

Video shot via Banksy Banksy: Secret Artist, Unusual stunt, and … village planner and architect? while everyone died Last summer, the enigmatic street artist went inland on “The Great British Spraycation” and made his mark along the Norfolk and Suffolk coast with ten new works of art. There were large scale murals plentiful, including one … Read more

Zero Energy Design Lab | ArchiDiaries

save more information (“Text taken from the website”) Sachin Rastogi Sachin Rastogi is the Founding Director and Principal at ZED Lab, a research-based architecture and interior design studio based in Delhi, India that specializes in Zero Zero Building. Rastogi believes in developing an architecture that can simultaneously enhance human expertise and reduce resource consumption. His … Read more

Cell-Based Sushi Gets Contract To Hit Grocery Stores, Ahead Of US Approvals

Image via Wildtype If all goes smoothly, Lab-made, cruelty-free salmon sushi can be part of your daily meal rotation. Wildtype — a San Francisco startup that grows seafood through cells — has signed deals with SNOWFOX, a chain with sushi bars in 1,230 grocery stores. and Pokéworks, a 65-location casual fast-food restaurant, to make cell-based … Read more

People Slept A Certain Way For Thousands Of Years—Then Habits Shifted, Globally

Photo 174614065 © Pix569 | Dreamstime.com At least for thousands of years, The idea of ​​getting a full night’s sleep was not innate. Nope, sleeping was divided into two shifts—a habit that was practiced globally until it disappeared, historian Roger Ekirch discovered during his research in the 1990s. Ekirch was writing A date night book, … Read more

ERIC KIM ONLINE Discover Your Unique Vision in Photography Workshop (Saturday Feb 12, 2022)

Dear friends, If you’re stuck at home, and craving for some new photographic inspiration and stimulation, I cordially invite you to the Discover Your Unique Vision of Photography Workshop (Saturday, February 12, 2022 from 11am-2pm PT, PT): What is the purpose of this workshop? Basic gist: This workshop focuses on discovering your unique photographic vision … Read more

CatFlat Apartment / Line Design Studio

CatFlat Flat / Line Design Studio © Sergey Melnikov +19 Participate Participate Facebook social networking site Twitter Pinterest The WhatsApp Mail or https://www.archdaily.com/975353/catflat-apartment-line-design-studio space The area of ​​this architectural project space: 43 m² general The year of completion of this architectural project general: 2021 Pictures Pictures: Sergey Melnikov Principal Architects: Lenko Mikhail, Koraplev Grigory © … Read more

This algae balls powered robotic rover generates energy using photosynthesis

MARS is a light-powered, autonomous rover that uses Marimo photosynthesis to collect solar energy, navigate riverbeds and lake beds, and gather scientific information. Rovers collect some of the most basic and most insightful scientific information regarding challenging environments. Unlike humans, roving carts can access hard-to-reach environments even under the most dangerous and uninhabitable conditions. Whether … Read more